Details of the accident near Shtip: The driver was under the influence of alcohol


According to initial information, the accident on the Shtip-Miladinovci highway occurred when a Chevrolet car with Skopje registration plates, carrying five passengers from one family who were returning to Skopje after a party in Kochani, began to pass by a Toyota vehicle with Kochani license plates in which two people were transported.
t the moment of passing, the driver of the Chevrolet lost control of the vehicle, so he first hit the left bank, then bounced and hit the car that was overtaking him in parallel. As a result of the collision, the two cars overturned into a ditch by the side of the road, and three people from the Skopje car lost their lives – the wife, daughter and the driver’s mother-in-law. The other four participants in the accident suffered bodily injuries, with the most serious injuries found in the passenger in the Kochani vehicle. Testing of the driver of the Chevrolet car showed the presence of alcohol.

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