Mickoski advocates for a Government of Macedonian national unity


When asked “is the idea of early elections after which a broad government would be formed still alive”, the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, said that he is in favor of a government in which “we will have a broad Macedonian national unity”, because in at this moment we have a government that has everything, but there is no Macedonian unity”.
What the next government will be, Mickoski says, depends on the result of the elections, after which calculations will be made and policies will be discussed.
“I am for a government in which we will have a broad Macedonian national unity, because now we have a government in which everything is there, but there is no Macedonian unity. We have a prime minister who has no popular legitimacy, we have a Macedonian political party that is a subordinate partner of the minority, that is, hostage to those who really govern,” Mickoski said.

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