Municipalities were ordered to estimate the number of stray dogs


To solve the problem with stray dogs, one important link is missing, and that is the registration of dog kennels. In this direction, proposed amendments and additions to the Animal Welfare Law have already been prepared, which provide for the establishment of a system for controlling the reproduction of dogs precisely through the registration of kennels and recording of registered dog breeders. With this measure, those owners who do not want to keep their pet for reproduction (they do not want to register as a kennel or a registered dog owner) are expected to sterilize it, says the director of the Food and Veterinary Agency (AHV) Nikolche Babovski in interview with MIA.
As Babovski notes, keeping a reproductively capable dog will not be permitted unless it is a kennel or a registered dog owner (one reproductively capable female or one or more reproductively capable males). The ultimate goal is to strengthen the principles of responsible pet ownership and reduce the number of stray dogs.

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