Lefkov: The verdict on the fire in the Tetovo modular hospital is proof that the judiciary is politicized


Yesterday’s verdict on the fire in the Tetovo modular hospital, in which 14 of our fellow citizens lost their lives, is proof of how much the judiciary is under pressure from the government. Decisions are made depending on whether the person who is the subject of the procedure is close to the government or not. Instead of individual criminal responsibility, it all came down to the cable, and the directors of the hospital, FlorimBesimi, the brother of the DUI finance minister and ArtanEtemi, and the two DUI cadres received 18-month suspended sentences. This judgment is proof of how DUI cares for Albanians and Macedonians, when their officials are on the other side, said MP from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE, Mile Lefkov, at a press conference on Tuesday.

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