Slupchane residents don’t allow EVN teams to enter the village – they steal 80 percent of the electricity!


Residents of the Kumanovo village of Slupchane on Wednesday forcibly prevented the EVN teams from carrying out necessary work activities for the reconstruction and modernization of the electricity network in the village. The crowd blocked the entrance to the village and did not allow the workers to work, threatening them with their lives.
“As long as users don’t allow it to work, they will face supply disruptions and serious breakdowns as a result of continuous network theft and abuse. Defects will be removed only if normal working conditions are created,” EVN informed.
The total annual losses due to electricity theft in the village of Slupchane amount to more than 1 million euros, that is, about 6 GW/h. Percentage wise, 80% of the annual consumed energy is stolen, and only one third of the remaining 20% of invoiced energy is successfully charged.

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