Musar: Five-six steps forward for the good of Macedonia and the Macedonian people, Slovenia also changed its Constitution


Slovenian President Nataša Pirc Musar voiced hope on Tuesday that the politicians in North Macedonia will show wisdom and implement the constitutional amendments, which are a condition for the holding of the Second Intergovernmental Conference. At a joint press conference with her host, President Stevo Pendarovski, Pirc Musar said the EU path is not easy, stressing that Slovenia too had to change its Constitution on the path to membership.

“Slovenia went through this process, and it wasn’t easy for us. Slovenia too had to change the Constitution and back then we also heard talk about how this is bad for the Slovenian people, how the Slovenian language would be lost. We amended an article in the Constitution which allowed foreigners to buy and own property. There were heated political debates over it, but we succeeded, because the Slovenian politicians knew we had to be united when realizing European projects. I hope the politicians will realize how important it is to be united and to make five-six steps forward, and realize what is good for the Macedonian people. I sincerely hope you will demonstrate sufficient political wisdom and amend the Constitution,” said Musar.


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