All is Quiet on the Western Front, Miloshoski comments on the Bundestag Resolution to support Macedonia’s EU membership


All is quiet on the Western front, commented the VMRO-DPMNE MP and former  MoFA Antonio Miloshoski, on the Bundestag’s decision to adopt a Resolution to support the Macedonian membership in the EU.

In his statement to, Miloshoski acknowledges the decision, but also reminds on a similar Resolution from 2004.

In 2004, the German Bundestag adopted a Resolution by which it required the use of thee Constitutional name of the country Republic of Macedonia in the bilateral communications between Germany and Macedonia.

“The Resolution was very good, requiring the respect of the constitutional name of the country as a national symbol of state. But, similar to this one, the Resolution was not obligatory to official Berlin and it was never implemented”, Miloshoski said.

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