Mickoski in Vatasha: The Bulgarian fascist occupier shot and killed 12 young men here, glory to them and let’s never forget!


Today is a special day for Kavadarci and for Macedonia and for the residents of Vatasha. In a brutal manner, these 12 young people were killed by the Bulgarian fascist occupier during World War II, and it is an act that should unite us all. It is an act that we should never forget, the leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski said during his visit to Vatasha on Friday.
“I am aware that large number of people active in the politics today are prepared to forget even events like this one, just to further their political ambitions and stay another day in the office, as they they did many times before. But, the memory of these is people is eternal and can’t be deleted. There is only one fact: the Bulgarian fascist occupiers shoot 12 young people in Vatasha”, Mickoski said.

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