PRO union protest continues, it will send a strike notice to the employer


From the trade union organization “Solidarity” at the Public Revenue Office (PRO), which started a protest on Thursday for higher wages by 30 percent, announced that they will send a notice of strike on Friday to the employer and a proposal for reconciliation to the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.
They say that they will implement the decision for a strike, which would take place in about 15 days.
Since yesterday, the employees of the Public Revenue Office have started protesting at their workplaces from 10 am to 12 pm, without performing their duties. This situation would last until the start of a general strike.. Theirs are: signing the Collective Agreement, in which the necessary rights required for the functioning of the Administration are determined, among which is the right to increase wages, which is approved by Article 66 of the Law on budgets, by 30 percent.

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