The safety of over 2 million citizens is at risk, the institutions are silent about the scandal for the procurement of funds through OTA, warns opposition


Silence from the competent institutions on the scandal for the procurement of funds for monitoring communications through the Operational Technical Agency (OTA), the opposition VMRO-DPMNE said in a press release on Saturday.
“The SDS/DUI Government, by abusing the mechanisms for monitoring communications, want to disrupt national security and the security of over 2 million citizens. The suspicion is that this purchase can be misused to violate the security of the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, as well as to violate the human rights and freedoms of the citizens, established in the Constitution of the state. About this purchase of OTA, The Committee on Oversight of the Implementation of Measures for Interception of Communications through a conclusion voted on by the committee, informed the Public Prosecutor,” the largest opposition party pointed out.

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