Drin Ahmeti: We have taken a EUR 6 million loan, we bought Soravia because it had a debt that it could not pay back


Businessman Drin Ahmeti, the new owner of the Soravia business center, explained at a press conference Monday how he came up with the idea to buy the property in the center of Skopje.

“We started last year. We asked for information to analyze the data and came to the realization that they have a large debt, which they cannot pay back. We saw this as an opportunity to do something. After the talks, we decided to go to a meeting in Vienna with Mr. Soravia. There I presented my company. We discussed the possibility of finding an agreement regarding the property,” Ahmeti said.

Soravia Invest has a debt to banks of 20 million euros. The new owner, Ahmeti, is currently not paying off the debt with his own funds, but has returned a small part of the debt with a loan. Then, depending on how things go, he will pay back the rest of the debt.

Drin Ahmeti is the nephew of DUI leader Ali Ahmeti.

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