Merko: I will hand over any documentation that is requested of me, I have always been transparent


One week after the Mayor of Struga, Ramiz Merko, was added to the United States blacklist, he decided to appear in public on Monday and announce that he would hand over any documentation that the investigative authorities would request.

“Since President Wilson, the United States of America has been our ally in every challenge we faced, and together we realized many beneficial projects. After the latest developments regarding the decision of the US State Department, I did not want to communicate in favor of the processes, for which I will be open as always in support of justice and any process before the judicial authorities. I will remain cooperative with all the processes against me, as I have always been a staunch supporter of justice and rule of law. I will timely submit any private or official documentation asked from me,” said Merko in a social media post.

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