Davitkovski: The entire administration works for the Government, the legal system is being eroded


These “smarty-pants” people, especially from the Judicial Council and the Prosecutor’s Council, I have never met bigger jokers in our institutions. The entire Judicial Council, the work itself, for the last 6-7 months, for example, they have no integrity, said Borche Davitkovski in an interview with the “24 Analysis” political show.
Davitkovski added that it was unfortunate that two such institutions were not functioning.
“There is an erosion of the legal system. This is complete erosion. Obviously, the institutions are not functioning,” he stressed.
Davitkovski pointed out that the entire administration was under the political authority.
“The entire administration is a function of the political authority, of the government. The administration is not working for the citizens’ rights”, pointed out Davitkovski.

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