Marichikj: First vote on constitutional amendments by end of July


It is our duty to start the parliamentary discussion on the constitutional amendments as soon as possible. The end of July is the time when the Parliament will take a break and I therefore think that the first vote should take place then. The entire procedure should be completed by the end of November, Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Bojan Marichikj said in a TV interview.
“We completed the prior constitutional revision in three months and I believe we can do it similarly. Circumstances for a two-thirds majority will be created. The entire procedure should be completed by the end of November. There is optimism that the European perspective can become a reality through joint responsibility of all political parties because EU membership is a shared responsibility. We will not give up on dialogue, which is the best way, and turn to each and every MP, all political parties, because we all have a responsibility. If the entire European and global public says now is the right time and we know what our task is, then now is the right time to open dialogue. The country and its citizens have no time to lose after 17 years in the EU waiting room,” said Marichikj.

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