Trenchevska assures that Law on Gender Equality is not the same as Law on Registries that deals with gender identity


The Law on Gender Equality is not the same as the Law on Registries. The Law on Registries treats gender identity, i.e. the option for a transgender person to change the designation in the registry that relates to the gender, whereas the Law on Gender Equality focuses on the enhancement of the position of women in society. We are not losing anything from what we currently have as a right, said Minister of Labor and Social Policy Jovanka Trenchevska on Thursday.

Minister Trenchevska said the Law on Gender Equality enhances the position of women in all walks of life and regulates what the state should do in order to strengthen their position in society.

She added that the problem emerged when these two laws were taken as one, saying they are entirely different and treat different subject matters.

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