Deskoska is a bad example for a minister, says Justice Minister Lloga


Regarding the allegations of the former Minister of Justice, Renata Deskoska, that the Constitutional Court should initiate a procedure to evaluate the constitutionality of the Guidelines, the incumbent Minister of Justice, Krenar Lloga, said in a press release that Deskoska was in fact a bad example for a minister.
“During her term as Minister of Justice, Deskoska nominated herself to be a representative in the Venice Commission, an independent advisory body at the Council of Europe. If she refers to European and international standards, then she is one of those ministers who violated those standards. This is unseen in any country in the world. She is a bad example for a minister in the past too, when she did not accept the constitutional amendments for the Prespa Agreement to go through the Ministry of Justice, but through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is a precedent,” Lloga said.

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