Twenty people under investigation for smuggling stolen luxury vehicles, five of them are MoI employees


The Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office initiates a procedure against twenty people for smuggling luxury vehicles, and five of those for whom the investigative procedure has been initiated are employees of the Ministry of Interior.
The public prosecutor said that an investigative procedure has been opened for eight persons, but the criminal report is for 21 persons, twenty individuals and one legal entity. It is about the smuggling of exclusive luxury vehicles, the value of which individually ranged from 500 to 600 thousand euros.
“Those 15 vehicles, 14 cars and one motorcycle, were the subject of a crime in other European countries and the subject of an international search and were then smuggled in, and documents were forged to legalize them.
The crime was concealed by selling it several times for a lower price until a real buyer was found and it was sold at a real price,” the public prosecutor Natasha Saramandova pointed out on Wednesday.

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