Nikolov: It is a strategic mistake of the Government that it did not stick with the construction of the Clinic Center the damages are over EUR 18 million


Suddenly no one is talking about the health problems, especially the infrastructural problems for the “Mother Teresa” Clinical Center. Four, five years ago, we were continuously “bombarded” that an ultra-modern, sophisticated project was going to be made that looked as megalomaniac as possible, although it was not a project on paper, but had some kind of PowerPoint presentations.

When they came to power, they had their mouths full of transparency, and today we are witnessing a situation in which there is an arbitration process, a procedure for the Clinical Center, about which no one says anything. That is, information that the public manages to find out through the media is disclosed non-transparently. Most likely, about 18 million euros are being demanded for its non-construction and for the termination of the contract, said Doctor and VMRO-DPMNE EC member  Igor Nikolov, at Sunday’s forum called “Health”, within the action “Messages from real life – This is Macedonia for Eveyone” which was held in the premises of VMRO-DPMNE.


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