Osmani’s MFA will spend about EUR 120 thousand for advertising the OSCE image in one year


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs led by Bujar Osmani will spend about 117,000 euros in one year only for advertising during the OSCE chairmanship, reported Alsat TV, which secured the contract signed by the MFA with one of the consulting agencies.

For these 117,000 euros, the agency will provide a large number of services for the MFA, namely: – To hire its external collaborator, it will have to receive over 1.1 million and 147 thousand denars, – For the agency to design the logos with the OSCE and the establishment of the visual identity and other similar services, the MFA will pay over 929 thousand denars.

Alsat provided the first realized invoice to the agency that plans and implements the propaganda activities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The invoice is dated February 6 of this year and costs more than 1 million 953 thousand denars or more than 31,700 euros.


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