Criminal complaint filed for violence in the PE Communal Hygiene blockade case


The Macedonian Minister of Interior, Oliver Spasovski, announced that a criminal complaint has been filed for violence in the case of the blockade of the Public Enterprise Communal Hygiene-Skopje.

“Due to the fact that yesterday evening, after the workers of Communal Hygiene started work, several of them were attacked by a person who was employed there, he received a criminal complaint for violence and it has already been processed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office,” said Spasovski during the visit to the Idrizovo training center.

In connection with the obstructed work in Communal Hygiene, the minutes from the Environmental Protection Inspectorate, the Communal Inspectorate and the inspectors from the City of Skopje are expected to be delivered Tuesday to see their findings. Spasovski also pointed out that the Ministry of Interior was in constant coordination with the prosecutor.

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