By increasing the VAT for pellets from 5% to 18% and with the solidarity tax, SDS and DUI hit the people’s pockets, says opposition


SDS and DUI with an increase in VAT for pellets from 5% to 18% and with the so-called solidarity tax, they hit the people’s pockets, so that there is money for Grubi and Kovachevski’s tenders, VMRO-DPMNE said in a press release on Thursday.

“They submitted 3 laws with the so-called EU flag fast-track procedure to the Parliament, all of which are a blow to the people. The government is planning to increase the VAT for pellets from 5% to 18% and thus citizens will pay 12% more expensive energy. If until last year someone spent 40,000 denars for pellets, now he will have to pay 45,000 denars. The price difference goes into the budget for Grubi and Kovachevski to have more money for shady deals. The so-called solidarity tax is based on the same principle, with which the government asks the companies to be in solidarity, while at the same time spending mercilessly from the citizens’ money for tenders and contracts in 4 eyes,” said the largest opposition party.

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