Bulgarian MFA: We have no new conditions for North Macedonia, we sincerely want to see the neighbor advancing towards full EU membership


Bulgaria has no new conditions for the Republic of North Macedonia, according to the position of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria in relation to media questions about, as stated, the European compromise reached in 2022 for the European path of the Republic of North Macedonia.
“Bulgaria has no new conditions towards the Republic of North Macedonia. On the contrary, it sincerely wants to see its neighbor advancing towards full EU membership, through successes in the reform process and efforts to build good neighborly relations. We are expecting the first step in this process, in accordance with the commitments signed by Skopje in July 2022 – … entry into force of the amendments to the Constitution of North Macedonia for the citizens who live on the territory of this country and are part of other nations, such as the Bulgarian people , according to internal procedures,” reads the press release of the Bulgarian MFA.

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