Eftimov: The Innovation Fund pays huge sums of funds to companies close to DUI and SDSM, in the future every such project will have to be checked


At VMRO-DPMNE’s forum called “Wrong economic policies – a challenge for the survival of the economy and citizens” held on Sunday, VMRO-DPMNE MP Dajancho Eftimov addressed the attending and pointed out that there was a great legal uncertainty of economic operators in the country, which, among other things, reflects and with the benefits that are used by companies close to the SDSM and DUI authorities that increase their profits on a fast track and unfair competition is created for all those who want to work honestly.
“We are also witnesses of the huge funds and from the region where I come from, huge sums of funds are paid from the Innovation Fund for certain innovations from which we do not have any added value at the given moment from everything that is invested as innovation, therefore all this leads to another item that needs to be reviewed in detail as soon as possible, every single project invested through the Innovation Fund to be reviewed and to see where these funds are intended, where are these funds placed and what is the added value of such funds that have been placed through the innovation fund for which we know that companies close to SDSM and DUI, I emphasize again, receive the largest sums, and of course they also receive appropriate tax exemptions, and for the fact that they are not responsible for their tax evasion, all this is to the detriment of the overall economic rise of this region from which I come, and of the country as a whole,” stressed Eftimov.

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