New unusual signs in Struga, ban on walking in bathing suits


The new signs prohibiting walking through the bazaar for costumes and swimming shorts in Struga have been placed. The signs were placed without a decision of the Struga Municipality Council, Sitel reports.
Councilors in the Struga Municipality Council from the ranks of VMRO DPMNE point out that no one has the right to place signs in the city if it is not specified in the programs or adopted by a special decision of the Council with an explanation of the reasons.
The citizens of Struga have divided opinions. Some think that it is good to respect the public order along the promenade, while others say that there should not be such a ban in a tourist center like Struga.
The decision to place the unusual signs has been published on the official page of the Municipality of Struga with photos of the posted signs informing tourists that nudity is prohibited throughout the city.

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