Anonymous threats sent to the AVMS head due to a rejected request to revoke Alsat TV’s license


The Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services (AVMS) informs the public that on July 13, messages with threatening content were sent to the mobile phone of the Agency’s director, Dr. ZoranTrajchevski, by an unknown person.

“The messages were sent after the Agency, at the session held on July 11, rejected the submitted anonymous Initiative for revoking the license of TV Alsat-M. The agency determined that it was not possible to access the links that were pointed out as alleged evidence that the VeVe Group, the owner of Alsat M, is abusing the television and exerting pressure on state institutions for its own business needs. Also, the Initiative was submitted as an anonymous report. The agency reported the case to the Ministry of Interior and other competent institutions, from where it expects a quick resolution and determination of responsibility of the person who sent the threats,” said the AVMS.

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