Miteva: The Ilovica project is exclusively for SDS and DUI’s interests, the Government also lies to each other about business interests


Ilovica is the idea and project of SDS and DUI, from start to finish. There are no answers to the shameful statements that a minister, in this case KreshnikBekteshi, misled the entire Government to vote for this decision, so this clearly confirms that the Government is ready to lie to each other just to satisfy personal business interests, VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson MarijaMiteva told a press conference on Monday.

“And after 17 years, the SDS and DUI Government allows the project to begin, preceded by the takeover of Euromax Resources by a businessman close to DUI, Destani. The same person who is claimed in the public to have neither a single day of experience nor any expertise in gold mining, should convince the citizens of Strumica that he will work according to standards and the environment will not be contaminated. Will anyone believe? Ilovica is exclusively for SDS and DUI,” said Miteva.

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