DUI is trying to make a split in Alternativa, says Gashi’s party


After last night’s meeting of leaders Afrim Gashi, Bilal Kasami and Izet Mexhiti, it is a fact that the opposition is uniting and that DUI feels that its positions are threatened for the next general elections. That party, which can be renamed Soravia, takes various measures and uses various tools to carry out sabotage in our opposition ranks, Macedonian-Albanian party Alternativa told MKD.mk. DUI applies methods from the old Enver Hoxha matrix, adds Alternativa, and in that context they inform that at the request of some members of the party, the leader Afrim Gashi announced the holding of the Central Presidency.
Alternativa informs DUI that although it is using Enver’s old methods to sabotage situations in someone else’s grounds, it will be defeated in the next elections.
“They are frightened after last night’s meeting between Gashi, Kasami and Mexhiti, they sense defeat and know that the time is coming when the stolen millions will have to be returned,” reports Afrim Gashi’s party.

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