Stojanoska: With a new harmful law, the Government is planting a time bomb for the citizens’ health


The Government led by SDS and DUI continues with the destruction, instead of the improvement of the citizens’ health, MP Dafina Stojanoska from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE accused at a press briefing on Tuesday.
“Yet another harmful law is in sight today. With the Draft Law on Amendments and Supplements to the Law on Protection from Ionizing Radiation and Radiation Safety, which is resubmitted after a fast-track procedure, the Government, through the representatives of the ruling majority, is planting a time bomb for the citizens.
In particular, the amendments to the law consist of transferring the competence from the Directorate of Ionizing Radiation to the Institute of Public Health, only for nuclear waste dumps.
Therefore, we ask one of the proposers to explain whether the Institute of Public Health has adequate staff to work on this issue, adequate equipment for measuring radiation, i.e. emissions from those landfills and soil contamination, and why the powers are being transferred from the Directorate, where there is such a competent staff,” stressed Stojanoska.

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