Bekteshi refutes Kovachevski – he admitted that the concession for Ilovica was given by SDS and DUI, now they have to say what they agreed with Destani, says opposition


Kreshnik Bekteshi admitted that SDS and DUI were the ones who gave the concession for Ilovica and thus refuted all of the claims made by Kovachevski and SDS who have been building a rhetoric of lies for a week, despite all the documents that came out in public and deny them, VMRO-DPMNE said on Thursday.

“And not only are SDS and DUI to blame for Ilovica, but they allowed a company of the Destani family from the ranks of DUI to enter the mine instead of the world-famous metal trading company Trafigura, with an annual turnover of USD 300 billion. Destani have no experience in mining metals, especially not gold, the people in Strumica are rightly worried that there is a danger of soil contamination,” said the largest opposition party.

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