MoI urges citizens to be extremely careful with whom they share personal information for fake prize games on the Internet


The cybercrime sector at the Bureau of Public Security of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) found an increasing number of reports in the past period of fake prize games on the Internet, through the use of social media, especially Facebook, via fake accounts named after a well-known company from the country, with the aim of unauthorized acquisition of personal information from citizens.

When opening fake accounts, the logo and brand of the company are used, with an announcement that due to a certain occasion (alleged birthday of the company, etc.) a raffle with various gifts is being organized. For the lucky winners, personal data, a picture of an ID card and a photograph are required. The Ministry of Interior, in the interest of protecting citizens and the possible abuses and consequences that may arise, appeals to the public for special vigilance when sharing personal data of other persons, especially via the Internet.

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