Companies to be allowed to use ETC tag on highways in Serbia and Macedonia as of Saturday


Serbian Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Minister GoranVesić announced Friday that starting Sunday all legal entities will be able to become users of the Serbian electronic toll collection (ETC) tags, and pay for tolls online when using the highways in Serbia and North Macedonia, MIA’s Belgrade correspondent reports.

“The joint tag between Serbia and North Macedonia turned out to be an excellent move, which is best illustrated by the fact that almost 20,000 people in Serbia have used the opportunity to travel through the two countries with one tag,” Vesić said.

Vesić, as reported by the Serbian Ministry, said that the companies with the ETC tag will speed up the flow of goods and services, and that the possibility of using the tag will apply to all legal entities who want to become new users, as well as to the already existing users of the prepaid system and to those who have signed an agreement with PE “Roads of Serbia”, an authorized distributor of electronic toll collection in the postpaid system.

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