Opposition demands that a Parliament session as soon as possible to see if the authorities have a majority to change the Constitution


Official communication with the parties in power, with SDSM, can only be through a conversation about early elections. We will go to the Commission for Constitutional Affairs to explain why we are against these proposed constitutional amendments proposed by the Government, said MP from the ranks of opposition VMRO-DPMNE Bojan Stojanoski on Saturday.

Stojanoski indicated that it was clear that the ruling parties do not have a majority to start the process of constitutional amendments.

“I urge (Parliament Speaker) Talat Xhaferi to schedule the plenary session on constitutional amendments the day after the Commission on Constitutional Affairs, on July 26 to be exact, and see if there is a majority for changes to the Constitution,” said Stojanoski.

The MP also pointed out a specific proposal, that at that session there should be two items on the agenda, the first – to change the Constitution, and when it is seen that the Government does not have a majority, to move to the second – a vote to dissolve the Parliament.

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