MEPSO director was dismissed, took severance pay, and went back to work


It is illogical and unethical for a director in a state-owned company to be returned to the same position after being dismissed, said the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Fatmir Bytyqi.

“Most management contracts in joint stock companies have been revised with a reduction in privileges. A person is probably fired because he cannot keep the expectations of the job and it would be illogical and unethical to return to the same job,” said Bytyqi, when asked about the appointment of the director of the IT sector in the state-owned MEPSO, who has been reappointed to this position even though he was fired three years ago and took severance pay for that.

Part of the media reported Monday that the director of the IT sector in the state transmission system operator, MEPSO, has been appointed to this position again, even though he was dismissed three years ago, for which he also received severance pay.

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