Mexhiti’s opposition front splits BESA


Bilal Kasami’s opposition cooperation with Izet Mexhiti and Afrim Gashi divided the BESA Movement, after a deputy of the party’s leader publicly announced that he was dissociating himself from the opposition bloc, and according to TV 24 information, MP Bastri Bajrami shares the same position with Hoxha, which would mean that Kasami remains with one MP in Parliament.
“As of today, I am completely dissociating myself from political actions in the so-called “opposition bloc”, considering that the main actors, bearers of this initiative, do not aim for political rotation, but simply “recycling” political figures who, not so long ago, were actors for keeping the current Government alive and prevented the rotation in the Albanian political camp. For details about political beliefs and people who share the same political opinion with me, we will inform you through a press conference during this week,” Hoxha said in a Facebook post.

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