Micevski: We will not support constitutional amendments under dictate, it’s a direct violation of the country’s sovereignty


Constitutional amendments under dictation, pressure and impositions are impossible and we will never support them, because it is a direct violation of the sovereignty of a country, coordinator of the VMRO-DPMNE MP group Nikola Micevski pointed out to the Commission for Constitutional Affairs in the Parliament on Tuesday.
“Sovereignty comes from the people, and a huge majority of the people over 80% says NO to this kind of violence by the Government. Unfortunately, the tragic truth visible even today to the entire Macedonian public is that we have a deaf and blind government, which for a day more in an armchair, for a pat on the shoulder, for a neighbor to give her luxury cars, cannabis farms, photovoltaics or free shopping malls – is ready to make concession after concession until the complete disfigurement and destruction of national and state interests. This Government has one key problem, and that is to defy both the opposition and the people and the experts,” said Micevski.

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