MIA has been in a vassal state for 25 years: Employees stage warning protest


Employees of the Media Information Agency (MIA) staged a warning protest Thursday, demanding higher wages. They say that for the first time in 25 years of existence they are forced to stage a protest. At today’s protest, Marina Ilievska stressed that if the demands were not met and the ignorant attitude of the Government continues, the protests would become radicalized.

According to Ilievska, funds for salary increases were foreseen in the financial plan for 2023, which means that the state budget will not be additionally burdened.

The protest was organized by SSNM – the Independent Union of Journalists and Media Workers and SMIA – the Union of Media Information Agencies. The head of SSNM, Pavle Belovski, said that they fully support the protest and announced a possible solution to the issue. By that he means passing a law on MIA, which will forever terminate the financing of MIA-Government-Media, and the budgeting will be with a pre-agreed percentage that will be paid by the citizens.



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