SDSM: The merger of the concessions for Ilovica has been cancelled, DPMNE and the mines have put the country in court mazes


The Government made a decision to terminate the decision to merge the concessions for the copper and gold mine in Ilovica. With this, we meet the citizens of this region who have been opposing the opening of mines in their settlements for years, the ruling SDSM said on Thursday.

The legal maze surrounding the mines in which the country is stuck is solely due to the irresponsibility of VMRO-DPMNE and the governments led by this party.

“In 2012, the Government led by DPMNE grants a concession for the Ilovica mine and another 85 concessions for other locations. Nikola Gruevski, Zoran Stavrevski, Mile Janakieski, Pasko Kuzman are just some of the DPMNE officials who participate in the process of granting concessions for the mine in Ilovica,” the ruling party said.


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