EUR 98,000 seized from BC Bogorodica


Inspectors from the mobile teams of the Customs Administration seized 98,000 euros from a Macedonian national who tried to illegally take them out of the country at the Bogorodica border crossing. On 26.07.2023, around 9 p.m., a bus with Turkish license plates, traveling on a regular route Gostivar – Istanbul, reported leaving the country.

During the control of the bus and the passengers, in the personal bag of one of the passengers, the customs inspectors discovered 4 undeclared packages wrapped with black nylon and duct tape containing a total of 100,000 euros. According to the Law on foreign exchange operations, 2,000 euros were returned to the traveler – an amount that a resident can take out without reporting it, and the remaining 98,000 euros were temporarily confiscated.

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