Albanians in Macedonia are still discriminated against, claims Taravari


Despite the existing agreements on coexistence with Macedonians, Albanians continue to be discriminated against, the mayor of Gostivar and leader of the Alliance for Albanians, Arben Taravari, told Top Channel.
Despite the fact that almost half of the government cabinet in North Macedonia is made up of Albanian ministers, Taravari says that discrimination is evident.
“Yet again, for the Macedonians it is nonsense that Albanians lead certain positions, for instance in the special police unit, Albanians cannot be members of those units, they think that it would be silly for an Albanian to be the Minister of Interior of North Macedonia, it would be silly for an Albanian to be the prime minister, not to mention for the head of state post, it’s not even discussed,” said the leader of the Alliance.

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