One does not need a photo to see that Islam Abazi is “sitting on Grubi’s lap”, so there is no action on his affairs, says opposition


When the people ask, why there is no reaction from the Public Prosecutor’s Office about Artan Grubi’s scandals, then the answer is that Artan Grubi secured his protection by hiring and then transferring Islam Abazi’s daughter-in-law to AEK, VMRO-DPMNE said on Thursday.

“That is why the Public Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime does not have any procedure for the scandal with the Grubi family’s business facility on Macedonia Street, there is no procedure for the scandalous tender for the supervision of the construction of the corridors, there is no process for examining the “borrowed” Audi and more dozens of other affairs involving Grubi and other DUI members,” said the largest opposition party.


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