The Macedonian language is unique, the Bulgarian attitudes are fascist, says Friedman


The Macedonian language is a separate Slavic language like Bulgarian, Serbian, and Croatian. The current problems will be somehow solved, but the Macedonian language exists and it will continue to exist. Period, said Professor Victor Friedman Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, while accepting the 2023 Global Award for Humanism in Ohrid.

Professor Friedman stressed that the Macedonian language differs from the Serbian and the Bulgarian ones on any linguistic level, from phonology, through morphology, to lexical level, syntax, etc.

“There are similarities, however, the Norwegians and the Swedes can also understand each other but no one calls the other’s language a dialect. That is the problem, the Scandinavians are obviously much more progressed than the Bulgarians”, Friedman said.

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