Less and less people in the country consume meat


The tables are more vegetarian, the prices are higher. Meat and meat products have become a luxury for citizens. If before it was an indispensable part of lunch and dinner, now it is eaten less and less. Citizens comment that they cannot afford it because it is more and more expensive, and they barely manage to pay their bills.
According to the State Statistics Office, the price of meat increased by 7.3% in just one year. The butchers say that demand has been drastically reduced due to the pandemic, and for them it is also uncertain how prices will move in the future, given the instability of the market and the movement of inflation.
Since September, an even higher price of meat has been announced, and the representatives requested the Government to reduce the import duties for raw materials for the processing of beef, pork and chicken meat. Otherwise, they will put a key on the door, and they will move some of the capacities outside of North Macedonia.

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