Thirty-one years since the flag and anthem of independent Macedonia were adopted


On August 11, 1992, the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia adopted a red flag with a golden-yellow sun, with eight main and eight secondary sun rays, which was in force until October 5, 1995, when it was changed to red with a golden-yellow sun with eight sun rays.
The national anthem “Today Over Macedonia” of the Republic of Macedonia was adopted in the legislature on this day.
The author of the lyrics of the Macedonian national anthem was writer and politician Vlado Maleski, and the music was by composer Todor Skalovski. The anthem was written in 1941.
After the end of the Second World War, it was adopted as the anthem of the Socialist Republic of Macedonia within the former Yugoslavia, and in 1992, by law, it was also declared as the anthem of the independent Republic of Macedonia.

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