It’s fake news that the negotiating framework with the EU can be renegotiated, says Aggeler


The ball is in your court, it is the decision for the citizens and leaders of this country to decide to move forward towards the European Union. And, very importantly, the only way to move away from pressures from any EU capital and its governments is to join the EU and that is my hope for this country, said the United States Ambassador to North Macedonia, Angela Aggeler, in an interview for Kanal 5 TV on Thursday.
“I understand it has been difficult,” said the U.S. Ambassador, “but these negotiations between North Macedonia and Bulgaria are bilateral in nature, and they must be.”
Regarding the statements of certain politicians that the Negotiating Framework can be renegotiated, Aggeler reminded that the European Union has been crystal clear in saying what is required of the country to move forward in European accession and become a full, participating, valued member of the Euro-Atlantic community.
“That is to meet the requirements of the agreement they made last summer, and then to move forward with the various processes of accession. What is fake news, is the suggestion that anyone can renegotiate last summer’s agreement. That is fake news. What is also fake news is that there is a better deal out there that we haven’t discovered,” added the ambassador.

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