Arsovska suggests that a street in Prishtina be renamed to Todor Aleksandrov


The Mayor of the City of Skopje, Mrs. DanelaArsovska, submitted to the City Council of Skopje an initiative to restore the name of the street Second Macedonian Brigade, which the previous composition of the council had changed to AdemDemachi, and for which the Government gave its consent to the renaming, announced the City’s office on Monday.

“I call on all councilors in the Council of the City of Skopje to vote in favor of this proposed decision, which will correct the injustice to 230 heroes, members of the Second Macedonian Brigade of all ethnicities who gave their lives for the defense of Macedonia. At the same time, I strongly condemn the nationalist rhetoric of Kosovo Prime Minister AlbinKurti and I want to propose a new initiative to him – that a street in Prishtina be named after the Macedonian revolutionary TodorAleksandrov, who actively collaborated with Hasan Pristina, HasanBeita and BajramTsuri in the fight against the occupation of SHS,” pointed out Arsovska.

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