Trenchevska meets with pensioners, requests for increased pensions to be considered by the Government


The Minister of Labor and Social Policy, JovankaTrenchevska, held a meeting on Monday with representatives of the Initiative Board of Pensioners of Macedonia, who came out today to protest with several demands. At the meeting, the pensioners presented their demands, including a linear increase of MKD 3,500 for all pensions, as well as the continuation of harmonization according to the new methodology established last year, determining the minimum pension in the amount of 80 percent of the minimum wage, increasing the allowance for mobility and other people’s care and guaranteed minimum assistance.

Minister Trenchevska stressed that pensioners and the improvement of the quality of life was a priority of this Government, and all the requests that were submitted to the MLSP will be reviewed and together with the Union of Pensioners, further policies will be created, with special emphasis on those with lower pensions.

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