Aleksandar Rusjakov wins the “Antevo Pero” award


The jury-committee for awarding the award consists of: prof. Dr. Vesna Mojsova Chepishevska (president), Dr. Atina Cvetanoska and Zhorzh Popovski (members), before proceeding to make the final decision on the “Antevo Pero” award, which entails printing the award-winning poetry collection in the special edition of award-winning authors, once again expressed his satisfaction with the excellent turnout for this award.

Seventy-three poetry collections arrived, with a wide variety of poetic expression, qualities and trendy and genre diversity, of which six poetry collections were shortlisted for the award.

After a thorough review of the values of each of these six poetry collections and after the final discussions of the jury members, the Commission unanimously decided that the “Antevo Pero” award for 2023 should go to the poetry collection “50 sung stories” by Aleksandar Rusjakov.

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