According to the Prespa Agreement, citizens must replace personal documents five years after the start of EU negotiations


Macedonia is in no way forced to change the personal documents of its citizens until February next year. The Prespa Agreement clearly stipulates that the change of personal documents should follow the opening of chapters with the EU and that it should end five years from then.

According to Article 10 of the Agreement, there are two transitional periods, one “technical” and one “political”.

“Technical” refers to all official documents and materials of the public administration of the Second Party for international use and for documents for internal use, but which can also be used outside the country. The validity will be renewed in accordance with the name and terms of this Agreement, no later than five years after the entry into force of this Agreement.

“Political” refers to all documents and materials, which are exclusively for internal use and the issuance of such documents will begin at the opening of each chapter of the relevant field in the negotiations with the EU and will be finalized within five years from then – reads the agreement signed by Nikola Dimitrov and Nikos Kotzias.

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