Gashi demands immediate vote on constitutional amendments, dissolution of Parliament if there’s no majority


Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi should immediately put to vote the proposal for accession to the constitutional amendments, and if there is not a two-thirds majority, the Parliament should be dissolved and snap elections should be held, in order for the future composition to continue the integration with the EU, the party leader of Alternativa Afrim Gashi urged at a press conference, accompanied by the leaders of the Besa Movement, Bilal Kasami and the Democratic Movement, Izet Mexhiti.

Gashi requested that within the framework of these constitutional amendments, a package be made with their requests for the inclusion of the Albanian language in the Constitution, but he did not specify whether they would insist on it now.

“If they don’t have a majority for constitutional amendments, and they don’t vote for snap elections in the name of faster European integration, then the Government will show that it only cares about staying in power for as long as possible,” underlined Gashi.

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