Kovachevski: This is not a dictate, but our Macedonian proposal, supported by the EU and the USA


With 70 votes for, 47 against and no abstentions, the Parliament of North Macedonia adopted the agenda – accession to amendments to the Constitution of N. Macedonia. Previously, not a single MP called to propose a change or addition to the agenda. Prime Minister DimitarKovachevski, on behalf of the Government as a proponent, stressed that the proposal for amendments and additions to the Constitution is not a foreign dictate, but a Macedonian proposal, written here, and supported by the EU and the USA with a single goal – a path to EU integration by 2030.

There will be no new requests from Bulgaria, Kovachevski said.

“There will be no new veto from anyone and for anything. Now, after 30 years, when we are in the final stage, we are looking for and offering a solution so that we don’t make a mistake as a country and spend decades waiting again,” said the PM.

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